“UNLEASH MAYHEM!” That’s what we say to ourselves when we’re ideating, thinking, visualizing, conceptualizing, creating, executing…

Normality? Staying ‘within the line’? What’s that?

We are Mayhem Studios. We strive to dare, dream & do the impossible. We’re gamers by heart and we love games. We want to build stories, characters, narratives and worlds that gamers will love for decades to come. So strap yourself tight because we’re on a rocketship to gaming paradise, fuelled by Mayhem.


To ensure that talent thrives and helps make the best products and experiences, we are building Mayhem to be the best workplace to work for.

Dedicated game time, free food, best equipment - you name it! We’ll make sure you’ll have the time of your life at Mayhem. Here are some of the benefits we offer:


SDE III Games - Mayhem Studios

City- Bengaluru

Experience- 5 to 8 Years

SDE II - Games Mayhem Studios

City- Bengaluru

Experience- 3 to 8 Years

Online Reputation Management Intern

City- Bengaluru

Experience- 1 Years